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"What an exceptional massage! Talented and creative, Anita focuses her healing energy on specific problem areas and works magic. Perhaps it's all that yoga strength and patience that she integrates into her work that adds the extra impact? It's like she's persuading your muscles to let go of an entrenched belief by listening and communicating with hands and technique. I'm so grateful to know there's such an effective resource right here in our community. Thank you!" - Katie P

"Anita Kim was so attentive to my areas of need. It was so relaxing and rewarding.  Such positive energy and caring.  Thank you!" - Suzanne C

"Anita Kim was keenly responsive to the needs and pressures of each area attended to.  Innovative movement along and through muscle groups was thoroughly invigorating." - Craig M

"Awesome session! I have Lyme disease and am always very tight and achy.  Anita is incredibly skillful, calming, and insightful.  Thank you!" - Lauren N


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